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Playoffs for CSL '02
Playoffs 2002
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Champions Soccer League 2002
Playoffs for CSL '02 Standings -Playoffs 2002

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Team Win Loss Tie GF GA GD GP Points
Allied SC 1 0 2 6 3 3 3 10
Hen's SC 1 1 0 4 3 1 2 4
Christos/Mother's Grille 1 1 0 3 4 -1 2 4
Colts(Youth) 0 0 1 1 2 -1 1 2
Rosso United 0 0 1 1 2 -1 1 2
Dead Freddie's SC 0 1 0 1 2 -1 1 0
    Legend: GF=Goals For, GA=Goals Against, GP=Games Played, GD=Goal Difference
POINTS: Win=4; Tie=2; Loss=0;

Champions Soccer League 2002
Playoffs for CSL '02 Results -Playoffs 2002
Game Results

Game Day: Jul 22nd, 2002

Kenwood High School - 06:30pm
Rosso United is DEFEATED by Allied SC (1-2)

Game Summary

Allied SC and Rosso United played a match at Kenwood HS that could have gone either way. The outcome had to be decided in free kicks from the penalty spot following regulation. With approximately 8 minutes left in the match, Brian "Whitey" Geraghty struck a ball from 20 yds away perfectly to the upper ninety to give Rosso United a 1-0 lead. Allied SC would not quit, however, and got the equalizer minutes later. Allied SC was a perfect 5 for 5 in the shootout vs Rosso keeper Mike Valcourt. Rosso's lone miss came off the foot of Joe Koziol, who is usually perfect from the spot. Allied keeper Jason Rims guessed correctly and stopped the Koziol strike. Allied will now face #2 seeded Baltimore Colts(Youth).

Bonvegna Field - 06:30pm
Dead Freddie's SC (Orange) is DEFEATED by Christos/Mother's Grille (Royal Blue or Red) (1-2)

Game Summary

With less than a minute remaining in regulation, Bob Wagner recorded the game winner for Christos/Mother's Grille, as they defeated Dead Freddie's SC, 2-1. Christos/Mother's Grille will now face Hen's SC in a rematch of the past two year's Championship Match. PJ Wakefield scored Christos' first goal.

Game Day: Jul 24th, 2002

Kenwood High School - 06:30pm
Allied SC DEFEATS Colts(Youth) (Gold) (2-1)

Game Summary

Colts(Youth) scored first when Ade Elliott (Assaro) found side netting from about 15 yards out. Allied SC turned up the heat in the second half and tied the game when Billy Reinhardt found side netting of his own. The game ended 1-1 and went to kicks from the penalty spot. Allied was perfect from the mark. Only 3 Allied players needed to kick, due to 3 players from Colts(Youth) missing their mark. Allied keeper Jason Rims saved two shots and 1 missed the frame entirely. Allied moves on to challenge for the Healey Cup and the CSL Title.

Bonvegna Field - 06:30pm
Christos/Mother's Grille (Royal Blue or Red) is DEFEATED by Hen's SC (Orange) (1-3)

Game Summary

Deadlocked at the half, Hens and Christos battled for a shot to move on to Monday's CSL Final. Simon Hodkin, Kevin Henderson and Nick scored for Hens SC. Hens were able to hold onto the lead and the game ended with a 3-1 victory for the defending champs. Hens will attempt to win back to back titles as Hens SC. The team has appeared in the Final for 6 straight years. They lost the first 3 and won the last two. Two years ago, however, they played under the name, "Claddagh Pub", so again, they'll go for back to back titles as "Hens SC."

Game Day: Jul 29th, 2002

Kenwood High School - 06:30pm
Allied SC DEFEATS Hen's SC (Orange) (2-1)

Game Summary

Allied SC captured the Healey Cup and the Champions Soccer League title with a 2-1 win over Hen's SC last night at Kenwood HS. Hen's entered the match as defending champions and it appeared they may repeat when they went up 1-0 following an 18 yard volley from Marco Angelini (P Hennigan)that found side netting. Allied continued attacking through Pat Crawford, Bill Reinhardt and Tony Taminini. Allied tied the match with 15 minutes remaining on the clock when a Taminini pass found Bill Reinhardt streaking to the goal. Reinhardt beat the keeper and placed the ball neatly in the corner. A few minutes later, Allied got the game winner on Todd Smith's 35 yard chip that caught Hen's keeper, Rob Ray and the defensive back line by surprise. Hen's had a couple more chances to tie it up. Their best chance came when Henry "Soupy" Jones found himself alone on the 8 yard line, but his shot went just wide. Allied SC captured the title in their first season competing in the league. CSL coordinator, Frank Assaro presented the Healey Cup and the 1st place Cup to Allied's Jason Rims and Keith Mayer. The MVP could have gone to many players on the Allied side. Defensively, they were organized and effective. Offensively, the trio of Crawford, Reinhardt and Taminini continued to cause problems for the Hen's defense. In the end, Pat Crawford was presented with the MVP award as the game's most dominant player.
    Legend: Winners in BOLD; C=Cancelled; *=TieBreaker; ++=Pre season games will not impact standings

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