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2010 Outside 53-4A
HighSchool 2010
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Schedule for 29-5A_Del Rio Rams -HighSchool 2010
Coach Nunez 29-5A
Team Color: blue

Date Time Field
(Click for Map)
P N Us Opponent Color Us Th Res
Jan 22 11:00 am Uvalde Honey Bowl St --     Home 53-4A_Tivy Antlers blue, gold  
Jan 23 09:00 am Uvalde Honey Bowl St --     Home 53-4A_Boerne Greyhou purple, grey 5 0 Win

53-4A Men
2010 Outside 53-4A Results -HighSchool 2010
Game Results

Game Day: Jan 22nd, 2010

Uvalde Honey Bowl Stadium (map) - 11:00am 29-5A_Del Rio Rams (blue) VS 53-4A_Tivy Antlers (blue, gold)

Game Day: Jan 23rd, 2010

Uvalde Honey Bowl Stadium (map) - 09:00am
29-5A_Del Rio Rams (blue) DEFEATS 53-4A_Boerne Greyhounds (purple, grey) (5-0)

Game Summary

DEL RIO goals: unavailable, unavailable, unavailable, unavailable, unavailable. BOERNE goals: none.
    Legend: Winners in BOLD; C=Cancelled; *=TieBreaker; ++=Pre season games will not impact standings

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